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Why List Your Rental Property With A Cireba Agent?

June 03, 2020
Why List Your Rental Property with a CIREBA Agent?
Why List Your Rental Property with a CIREBA Agent?
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COVID-19 has had, without a doubt, enormous effects on economies around the globe and the Cayman Islands Rental Listings Market did not escape the results of the massive exodus of transient permit holders that were working the high season across all three islands.

In mid-March 2020 the majority of the Cayman Islands restaurants closed indefinitely, cruise ships were diverted and the Owen Roberts Airport was closed. The Cayman tourism market came to a grinding halt and employees in the industry had to make arrangements to travel back to their home countries. Up until this time, the Cayman Islands Rentals Market was robust, listings never stayed unoccupied very long and, due to demand, rental prices were creeping up to an all-time high that had not been seen since post Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and 2005.

As the Cayman Islands emerges from COVID-19, numerous Cayman rental apartments and homes are standing empty and landlords across all three islands will be, once again, looking for renters. If the Cayman Islands does announces that it will welcome tourists back in early 2021, landlords will be vying to fill their rental spaces with returning permit holders towards the end of 2020.

Alas, it is not only Cayman residential rentals that has taken a punch thanks to COVID-19, the Cayman Commercial Rentals market saw many small to medium businesses close  their doors, hence commercial landlords with spaces ranging from retail to corporate are now also looking for new contracts.

But how can landlords ensure that their Cayman Rental Properties are top of the list, and ultimately, get the spaces under contract, to a qualified renter, quickly and efficiently?

The answer is quite simple, list the property on Cireba Rentals! Already known as the Cayman Islands biggest and most comprehensive site for Cayman Islands Real Estate For Sale, CIREBA has now expanded to include Cayman Islands Rentals too. is dedicated to all landlords across Cayman and the site brings several benefits:

  1. With over 200 real estate agents working within the network of CIREBA, landlords can rest assured that this network brings them qualified leads from a vast network of contacts.
  2. CIREBA’s real estate agents excel at selling; they’re equally driven when it comes to securing landlords a long term rental contract.
  3. CIREBA agents know Cayman, they know its industries, its people and its geography.
  4. CIREBA agents can vet prospective renters to ensure trustworthy occupants.
  5. CIREBA agents do all the communication and showing on behalf of the landlords thereby freeing up time and ensuring zero life interruptions.
  6. With over 20,000 visitors per month to, this porthole is arguably one of the most frequented sites in Cayman and exposes Cayman rental listings to a large list of prospective renters.
  7. CIREBA agents work hard for their clients, and believe in bringing them the best service at all times.

It’s so easy to list your Cayman rental apartment, home or commercial space on Simply go to to find an agent to list your property with.

You will have your property securely rented and under contract in no time at all.

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